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Goren-Kidon provides Demining solutions to clients worldwide, and we are delighted to undertake any consulting and solution tasks in the field of Demining that our clients require, responding to every request promptly.

At Goren-Kidon, we are pioneering cutting-edge solutions to the global scourge of landmines. As exemplified by products like our vehicle-mounted Mine Clearing Systems, we leverage technologies like hyperspectral imaging, advanced sensors and AI to create tools that detect and neutralize mines more reliably than ever before.

Our decade-plus of experience across C-IED, EOD, Training and demining drives our innovation of lifesaving systems for this dangerous work. Our solutions are field-proven to pinpoint mine locations, depths and explosives material - providing operators with unmatched situational awareness.

We rapidly prototype using leading-edge techniques like showing by VR goggles revolutionary demining robots and drones tailored to clients' needs. At Goren-Kidon, we are committed to equipping operators with the most advanced tools possible for detecting and clearing mines from conflict zones worldwide. As shown by our collaborations with military clients globally, we deliver tomorrow’s demining capabilities today. Please explore our website and contact us to learn more about how Goren-Kidon’s industry-leading expertise can support your demining and counter-IED operations.

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