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We were born in Defense

Goren-Kidon tailors state-of-the-art solutions in defense and security. Since 2008, we have provided our customers with the best service, equipment and connections worldwide.

We proudly represent the leading companies, supply technologies and equipment at affordable prices, along with the training and implementation by qualified technicians and instructors. Our professionals accompany the client from the initial stages of fitting, adjusting, and modifying, to the purchasing and finally the installation and implementation of the equipment. We choose our partners very carefully! We choose companions for the journey, for a path that we pave together.

We invent and reinvent, rely on cooperation both with our partners and with customers. Our projects are life-saving missions, requiring the commitment of dedicated, highly proficient individuals. That's why we choose our partners very carefully, seeking associates for a long-term journey.

Goren-Kidon delivers full TKP (turn-key projects). We develop and customize technologies shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers, from the design stage to field training and in-house complete technical support. We do not subcontract; we deliver ourselves with our qualified technical teams and with quality assurance.


Redefining Challenge 

Goren-Kidon Group is revolutionizing the technological landscape with our innovative approach. Our mission is to redefine challenges and discover new ways of utilizing technology to solve complex problems. We are the leading specialist in advanced technologies and are committed to helping businesses succeed.


Our Journey


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