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NIC Instruments develops equipment to support organisations involved in the defeat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) as well as all forms of unexploded ordnance from conventional munitions to legacy minefields.

The systems we provide help teams search out and render safe those devices thus ensuring the continued safety of both those involved in the defeat of the threat and the public, resulting in a safer world for all. We continue to design new and innovative equipment, applying our high quality made in the UK ethos to ensure you have the tools to do the job that will last a lifetime. And since we’ve been around since the 1940s, and intend on staying, you can be sure your equipment will be supported throughout its life.

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How we got here

Just after the second world war, Walter Wisbey started making medical devices in his garden shed.


He was a very skilled surgical instrument maker. As his company grew he developed a range of industrial visual inspection probes, based on medical inspection equipment. With the growing terrorist threat in the UK in the 1970s, these industrial inspection probes morphed into high threat search equipment, and when you work with high threat search teams, you start working with bomb disposal teams, and the hook and line system was born.


We have continued to expand our range and today we still make search equipment but we also make the most advanced hook and line system in the world and unique robots.

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Systems to beat the IED threat

Products Flow

50m Standard Firing cable

100m Standard Firing cable

100m Lightweight Firing cable

250m Standard Firing cable

250m Lightweight Firing Cable

300m Standard Firing cable

500m Standard Firing cable

Telescopic Manipulator 

Demining EOD Tool Kit

EOD Tool Kit 

37 Piece Non Magnetic Toolkit

100 Piece Non Magnetic Toolkit

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