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Leading technology in the field of First-Response to military conventional munitions (EOD), Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Chemical (CBRN) threats as well.

aunav invests an important percentage of its sales in R + D + i of robotics. The multidisciplinary team in charge of the products is made up of engineers specialized in robotics, precision mechanical engineering, electronic and electrical engineering, advanced computing and embedded software, engineering of new materials development and industrial design. We are members of the main associations and organizations in the sector, collaborating with universities and technology centers in the evolution of robotics applied to the world of Security and Defense.

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We contribute by the design, development, production and delivery of robotic solutions with our own technology adapted to the specific Security and Defence needs of our national and international clients.

We support our clients to save lives, working hard to become leaders in the field of smart robots. Always striving for the maximum quality of unique equipment in the most demanding field of Security and Defence.

Discerning Generosity, doing through sharing. Responsible Freedom, we do what we love. Creative Energy, we love what we do. Consistency, we do what we say. Transparency, we say what we do.

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