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Screening Eagle Technologies provides a technology platform for intelligent inspection of the built environment. The company was created through the merger of Dreamlab in Singapore and Proceq in Switzerland with a mission to protect the built world with software, sensors and data. Screening Eagle's full-stack inspection solution combines intuitive software and powerful portable sensors to deliver reliable data for construction and asset maintenance decisions.

Powered by data from intelligent and autonomous inspection, Screening Eagle is on a steep growth path to realize its vision of predictive healthcare that extends asset life and increases long-term value for asset owners.

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Subsurface Detection & Mapping with Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave Technology

Before excavating for any project or inspecting what is beneath existing structures, it is critical to have a clear view of what lies below... and to have the correct tool to map the underground world. Screening Eagle's Proceq Subsurface Mapping System utilizes Ground Penetrating Radar and GPS corrected data points to locate and map the subsurface in real time.

Avoid striking utility lines and inspect aging infrastructure with greater clarity thanks to the use of multiple frequencies that allow for optimal resolution and deeper penetration while visualizing your subsurface map in real time.

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