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(Position 2023-24)


We are looking for an electrical engineer who will help us advance our electrical products, systems, and applications.

On a daily basis, you’ll carry out various engineering tasks, such as performing calculations to ensure our systems meet the global safety standards and collaborating with technicians and computer programmers to solve emerging issues. You’ll also research on manufacturing processes and analyze data and trends to create new products.

Ultimately, you will improve our company’s products and processes and contribute to its growth.



Science Park



What You’ll Do

  • Design, control, and implement electrical systems and products

  • Develop manufacturing processes according to global engineering codes and standards

  • Manage engineering projects and deliver them on time

  • Define customer needs and requirements

  • Ensure that installations and applications are in line with customer needs and safety standards

  • Collaborate with engineers and technicians to design and apply new system processes

  • Perform quality and performance analysis on new and legacy IT systems

  • Summarize data and report on test results

  • Examine needs on new equipment, calculate costs and help prepare budgets

  • Monitor maintenance and inspection plans

Who You are

  • Proven expertise as an electrical engineer

  • Hands-on experience using design and calculation software

  • Deep knowledge of electrical manufacturing processes

  • Understanding of electrical engineering codes and safety standards

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • Attention to detail

  • Strong organizational and communication skills

  • A degree in Electrical Engineering; MSc is a plus

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