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LAND Robotics

Goren-Kidon provides LAND Robotics solutions to clients worldwide, and we are pleased to take on any consulting and solution tasks in the field of LAND Robotics that our clients require, while responding promptly to every request.

At Goren-Kidon, we are pioneering the most advanced LAND Robotics engineered specifically for defense, public safety and industrial applications. As shown by innovations like the Sigyn UGV and products from our Urban Robotics division, we leverage leading technologies like AI, real-time data analytics and sophisticated sensors to create remarkably capable robotic systems.

Our decade-plus of experience delivers LAND Robotics designed to withstand extreme environments and enhance personnel safety in dangerous scenarios.

Our R&D teams continuously enhance autonomous navigation, EOD manipulation, chemical/hazmat detection and other capabilities by leveraging technologies like machine learning and computer vision. We rapidly prototype customLAND Robotics tailored to clients' unique requirements - from reconnaissance to firefighting. Our rigorous testing regimes put prototypes like the Guardian through their paces to validate performance, speed, maneuverability and durability before field deployment.

At Goren-Kidon, we are committed to delivering the future of LAND Robotics today. As demonstrated by our clients ranging from defense forces to critical infrastructure operators, we provide unmanned systems enhanced by cutting-edge engineering for remote inspections, emergency response, mapping and more. Please explore our website and contact us to learn how Goren-Kidon can provide you with the most advanced land robotics capabilities available.

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